She Quit Her High Paying Job to Travel Full Time Around The World For 6.5 Years


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Some of the highlights of this episode:

  • The Myth and Reality of Being a Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • The Saddest Thing about Being Nomadic
  • What To Bring As a Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • Slow Travel Vs. Fast Travel
  • 1 Thing You Must Need on Your Trip
  • The New Hierarchy of Needs in The 21st Century
  • How To Become A Digital Nomad without selling everything and buying a one way ticket.
  • The Death of Routine
  • Why You Should Explore Your Own City.
  • The Hardest Place She’s Lived In
  • How to Pick a Country to Visit
  • How much is enough to take the leap?
  • To have or not have a side hustle?
  • Making your travel dreams become a reality
  • Burn the bridges or hold onto a backup plan?
  • When to settle?
  • The definition of freedom
  • A stage of life or a lifestyle?

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