Narcotics Anonymous - Jesse


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Jesse was a small kid and always felt scared and lonely. He was bullied at school and eventually turned to alcohol and then drugs in his early teens as they made him feel bigger and more powerful.His drinking and drug use progressed, adversely affecting his work and ruining his close relationships. His mum was a significant influence in him seeking help when all seemed lost when he was in his mid-20’s. Jesse was fortunate to get into a 12th step drug rehab during the coronavirus lockdown. There he found Narcotics Anonymous and he now has over 90 days clean and intends for it to stay that way.If you’re having problems with drugs of any kind, you can call the Narcotics Anonymous helpline on 1300 652 820 or 0488 811 247 or go online at to find someone to talk to or search for meetings.

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