Ep. #203: Making Money and Justice with Kelly Diels


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Kelly Diels is feminist educator, writer, and coach. She specializes in feminist marketing for culture-makers. In this episode, Eryn and Kelly talk about:

  • Having a thriving livelihood while not replicating oppression in our businesses
  • The female lifestyle empowerment brand
  • Not exploiting ourselves in our own businesses
  • Deprogramming the cultural authority voices in our heads
  • Deconditioning ourselves of capitalist instincts
  • Working with our money lineages
  • Common business practices in wellness & coaching that are exploitative and what to do instead
  • Marketing privilege and performing to create and grow a business
  • Creating affordability and accessibility in our work
  • Why doing business is not the same thing as promoting capitalism

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/kelly-diels

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