Ep. #222: Living the Hierophant + Living the Signs with Astrologer Britten LaRue


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Britten LaRue is an intuitive astrologer, writer, and teacher. Born guided by The Hierophant and called a Key by her students and clients, Britten opens portals and realms for others to go deeper on their own path.

In this episode, Eryn and Britten explore:

  • Britten’s journey with astrology
  • How astrology helped Britten connect with herself & do deprogramming work
  • Giving yourself permission
  • Fully embodying each sign
  • Living the Hierophant & Hierophant themes
  • Authority & self-trust
  • Accessing more of your intuition & wisdom
  • Living the astrological signs
  • Living moon by moon
  • Working with the moon

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/britten-larue

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Connect with Britten on her website and Instagram.

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