Ep. #234: Ex-Catholic Reclamation Magic, Transmuting the Seven Deadly Sins, and Pleasure as Part of the Creative Process with Ex-Catholic Sinfluencer Mary Adelle Walters


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Mary Adelle (she/her) is a creative facilitator, sexuality coach, sensual writer, and hot queer witch. She supports ex-catholic and ex-religious femmes as they reclaim their bodies, sexualities, pleasure, and witchery through creative facilitation and anti-oppressive coaching.

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/mary-adelle

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Mary’s journey with Catholicism and witchery
  • How Mary’s family relationships have shifted through deconstruction
  • Reclaiming Jesus
  • Reclaiming Catholic mysticism & writing spells in her poems
  • Taking back power from religious institutions
  • Transmuting the seven deadly sins including lust and gluttony
  • Claiming queerness and not feeling queer enough
  • Expressing queerness through creativity
  • Why Mary feels compelled to write
  • Being honest in our journaling
  • Pleasure and sensuality as part of the creative process
  • Attuning to pleasure
  • Mary reads the “Nadia and her vibrator” section from her sensual novella Nadia

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