How To Build A Team


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If you're busy, you don’t have a “busy” problem, you have a “lack of help” problem. Understanding the huge difference between those 2 issues is the difference between the “prosperous, yet free” loan officer and the “busy, restless, and discontent” loan officer. This week, I've decided to replay one of our Loan Officer Freedom classics with my dear friend, and leader in the Freedom Club, Mr. Rayce Robinson. Rayce has transformed his business from being the sole loan officer to a Mortgage Broker with a small team. But why should you even consider hiring someone to help you? How do you take that first step in hiring? Who do you hire first? What is your responsibility and what is their responsibility now that they are on your team? We'll go into all of that on this episode of Loan Officer Freedom. If you have questions about this topic, set up your complimentary coaching call with one of our coaches at

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