This Is How You Close More Loans in 3 Months Than All of Last Year - Episode 82


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We get literally thousands of listeners to tune in to this podcast every week who want to learn how to close more loans. Over the course of my career I've seen and helped thousands of loan officers increase their loan production and I've found that you need three items to set the foundation to allow your business and production to grow. Once you have these three items in place (your foundation), the scripts and strategies I'll teach you will get you exactly where you want to be! The 3 key items you need are: 1) Mentorship & Accountability 2) Mindset Shift 3) Assistance On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, I'm speaking with Mike Larsen who joined the Freedom Club in January 2019. In 10 months his monthly production quadrupled! In 2018 his entire production for the year was 60. This year, he closed more than 60 units in just the last 3 months. Want to know what he did to close more loans? He put in place the 3 key items which is exactly what we'll be talking about on today's episode. If you have questions about this topic, set up a complimentary coaching call at

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