Why You Don't Need More Leads


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If you're spending a lot of your time trying to find even more leads you're going to want to hear this... You don't need more leads! Unless you started in the business yesterday you have more than enough business to help you source even more loans, all without having to find brand new leads. On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers, Mike and I are sharing exactly what you can do to get even more business from the leads you already have. If you have referral partners, a past database, pre-approvals, etc. you already have the "leads" you need. Now, it's just about the scripting and the follow up. When it comes to overall client retention, the average loan officer has a retention rate of 22%. But here's the thing, with the right scripting and the right amount of follow up you can increase that amount by 300%! I know because I've seen it and my team does it all the time. Keep listening to find out how you can source even more business without getting more leads. If you have questions about this topic, set up your complimentary coaching call with one of our coaches at LoanOfficerFreedom.com/StrategyCallRequest

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