Is Ronan Farrow Too Good To Be True?


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Geraldine and Eliza dive into the debate about Ronan Farrow's journalistic ethics this week.

The New York Times has launched an attack on Farrow, arguing that he doesn't like to let inconvenient truths get in the way of a ripping yarn.

The celebrity journalist won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Harvey Weinstein along with New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor & Meghan Twohey.

Eliza thinks Farrow could have done more to acknowledge his colleagues and the team of people involved in bringing down a predator like Weinstein. She acknowledges that Farrow's ego is a problem. But that doesn't discredit his work.

Geraldine is inherently sceptical of journalists who fly too close to the sun. She thought the New York Times expose was a cautionary tale for less experienced journalists embarking on big investigations.

Also this week, Geraldine finishes her first novel in a while.

Ireland and the "terrible beauty" that was the Easter Rising.

And the future of the office.

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