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Episode 115.) 9.22.2020

Welcome to our sweeping mini series event, Long Lost Heroes Podcast present a James Bond 007 Retrospective! We will be covering the classic franchise in a bit of a different way, we will be going out of order, we have already covered Brosnan, Craig, Dalton, Lazenby, Moore and all of the Austin Powers films. Today begins our coverage of the man who originated the role, started the legacy, transcended to Icon - Sean Connery! As we cover the longest running movie universe, we’ve included some influences, spoofs and tangential media that we think had an effect on our favorite super spy. We hope that you will enjoy this series, as always we are looking for feedback from you - our great and mighty - Long Lost Heroes Podcast community. Let us know your favorites, your feelings - good or bad - on Mr. Bond. We’ll put it in the show.

Diana Rigg - OHMSS / The Avengers (UK) / Game Of Thrones

Mandalorian Season 2

Ian Fleming

Dr. No behind the scenes trivia

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