44: What To Do If You Have A Fear Of Starting?


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My first theme that we're going to dive into for 2020 is Start Before You're Ready. This is going to be so impactful because as a business coach, as a course creator, I am meeting so many people that I have to continuously motivate to do this very thing.
Today we are discussing the fear of starting. If you're someone that is often fearful and usually has a hard time with moving past your fear to make the decisions you want to make or do those things that you've set up for yourself to do here are the things that I do.
I'm sharing what I've done to make the transition from what I think I want to do and actually doing it and how this has guided me to move past fear. With these steps that I'm sharing I don't have fear and I'm always able to take the necessary steps in order to get from point A to point B.

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