56: This Time Management Method Is The Secret To My High Productivity


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Trigger Warning, My Loves! It's time to get real about time-management

Time management is a touchy subject to discuss. As entrepreneurs, parents, and partners, we are judged on how we spend our time -and let's be frank, we can never please everyone.

This episode is meant for you to take a Look On The Bright Side and find a

time-management style that fits you. Think time management isn't your thing? I am here to prove you wrong. Did you know that there is a time-management for each of us?
Tune in to learn:

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:00:32] What active time management is
  • [00:07:03] My personal method for time-blocking
  • [00:12:19] Why finding a time management system that fits your style is important
  • [00:13:04] Tools and apps for better time-management
  • [00:16:19] How to get started
  • [00:17:04] Not into time blocking- here are nine other techniques
  • [00:18:04] Want an in-depth breakdown into how I manage my enterprise and full family life - here are my secrets


  • Time management leads to clarity, productivity, and less stress. In this episode, I share my time-management techniques and nine additional techniques - so that you find what works for you.
  • Tools for managing your personal and business commitments are great - but remember that traditional methods work, too.

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