Looking For The Perfect Beat 202027 - RADIO SHOW by DJ Irvin Cee


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Subscribe now to my channels to get your weekly dose of dance vitamins. www.facebook.com/IrvinCee www.irvincee.com www.youtube.com/c/IrvinCeedj Wanna Dance? here's Looking for the Perfect Beat with the best club music. A various mix of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno and Hard Techno is beat mixed in such a slick way it will take you to new heights of musical experience and you feel trapped to dance until the very end of the show. The hosting is added in a later stage, you can find the finished show on several mixtape hosting sites and there are also music only versions available. . Looking for the Perfect Beat is Irvin Cee's weekly radio show with the best club music on the planet. Irvin Cee is available for International bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars. More info? booking@irvincee.com TRACKLIST: Time +/- : Num. - Title - Release [Label] (*time is +/- mix in time) 00:00:00 : Droeh (Original Mix) - Belix & Fela - Emerald & Doreen Records [Deep House] (2020) 00:03:43 : Through The Walls (Original Mix) - Prunk - PIV [Deep House] (2020) 00:07:51 : Feel the rush (Stefano Lotto Remix) - Thomas Rail - XMOOD Records [Deep House] (2020) 00:09:49 : Johnnys Voice (Original Mix) - Alexander Aurel - Muna Musik [Deep House] (2020) 00:16:22 : Such A Good Feeling (Earth n Days Extended Remix) - Kevin McKay, Joshwa (UK) - Glasgow Underground [House] (2020) 00:21:01 : Celsius (Original Mix) - Wrighteous - Darkest Before Dawn [House] (2020) 00:23:41 : Crazy Circus (Paco Osuna Remix) - Matthias Tanzmann - Moon Harbour Recordings [Tech House] (2020) 00:27:57 : In the Air Tonight (Leventina Remix) - Nora En Pure, Lika Morgan - Enormous Tunes [Tech House] (2020) 00:31:35 : Good Feelings (Original Mix) - Martin Ikin - Sola [Tech House] (2020) 00:36:47 : Dusty Organ (Original Mix) - Return of the Jaded - Incorrect [Tech House] (2020) 00:39:58 : Hi 79 (Original Mix) - Tenzella - Circus Recordings [Tech House] (2020) 00:43:15 : Hold You Down (Original Mix) - Product of Us - 303Lovers [Tech House] (2020) 00:46:29 : Dusty Organ (Brett Gould Remix) - Return of the Jaded - Incorrect [Tech House] (2020) 00:50:47 : Freedom of Expression (Dark Acid Mix) - Kai Tracid, Tom Wax, A*S*Y*S - Fe Chrome [Techno] (2020) 00:56:02 : Chapter for the Agnostic (Original Mix) - Peter Van Hoesen - Center 91 [Techno] (2020) 00:58:04 : I Can't Hear You (Original Mix) - Pablo Caballero, Dunkel Dame - Techno Vinyls Records [Techno] (2020)

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