Episode 188: Christa Funk - Wave of Acceptance


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Episode 2 of my Hossegor omnibus in association with Db! And my guest for this instalment is Christa Funk, a swimmer, surfer, coastguard and photographer who has very quickly established herself as one of the most creative and formidable photographers on the North Shore, capturing that none-more-heavy scene with a beguiling blend of dynamism, grace and beauty.
She’s also got a hell of a story about how she made this happen. As regular listeners to the show will have learned from listening to my guests over the years, there’s no set route into the industry.
Anyone who ‘makes it’ (itself a very flawed concept) has to travel a long way, literally and metaphorically. And Christa’s story about how she ended up here, via an upbringing in Colorado, twin passions for swimming and photography, and a stint in the US Coastguard, is a pretty extraordinary and inspiring tale.
And it just underlines a fundamental truth. There are no perfect career paths. Just individuals trying to work it out, and make the best of the hand they’ve been dealt. My chat with Christa is an object lesson in how far you can travel with only your geeky, niche interests and self-determination to guide you.
I had such a laugh hanging out with and recording this conversation with Christa. Thanks for being such a good sport Christa! See ya on the North Shore sometime.
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