Mar a Lago Master


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Black and blue bottoms up Bleeding from Master Don His leather belt whipping us That really turns him on Naked in our shackles Butt plugs in place Awaiting master's paddle Mar a Lago slaves Red rubber ball gags inserted, Sir! We will never speak against you Plastic wrap, if you prefer Whatever you say, we will do We have collars and corsets and chastity devices Clamps and vices and rings of all sizes Pinwheels and mittens, hooks and hoods Straps and ropes, and other surprises All for you, Sir! Mar a Lago Master We are Trumpublicans Mar a Lago slaves We worship only one man Only he can save White fluffy diapers like a baby Master likes to watch us crawl He really loves to see How far we will fall We crave Master's brutality We're not worthy to eat his dung We worship his personality His magnificent forked tongue We don't need a safe word We will die for our Master So go ahead, make it hurt Harder, deeper, longer, faster All for you, Sir! Mar a Lago Master All for you, Sir! Mar a Lago Master

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