Lorehammer Lockdown: Peter Teaches Role Play


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We hope that you haven't gone crazy yet and that you are firmly saying "No" to the voices that have begun to speak to you from the corners of your mind. But just in case you have started to talk with them, there's a few things you should know. First, always stay in character. It doesn't help anyone's immersion if you flit between personalities all the time. Secondly, the more outrageous and outlandish the accent, the better. Really try to develop these voices that are speaking to you. Create histories for them. Create memories that you can refer back to in order to shape their character. And then, when this is all over, realize that you went too far and now you have a couple friends that will always be with you... ALWAYS.

And if you said no, well that's why we're here! To offer a distraction from those pesky boredom daemons.

Enjoy this Lockdown episode where we got Peter in to chat about a bunch of our role playing experiences, both inside and outside of 40k.

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