Lost Arts Radio Show #352 - Special Guest Patrick Wood


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Free Speech, a foundational Natural Right of people everywhere, is under attack worldwide. It is heavily suppressed in all parts of the world by a malicious, highly organized Satanic death cult. At its top levels, this group's goal is extermination of life on our planet. All life. Humans, animals, plants, birds, insects, microbes. All of us, and all of them. A suicide mission. Oh, you wanted the sugar-coated version? That was it. An important requirement for the smooth accomplishment of this systematic ceremonial "sacrifice," is that we need to be prevented from spreading awareness of what is actually happening, which even most of those serving the perpetrators do not understand. Without free speech, we cannot warn the devotees of mainstream media that the "pandemic" is a deadly fraud. We cannot spread the word that all figures for laboratory diagnosed "cases" are total garbage and lies. We can't explain that the PCR test is not a diagnostic test at all. Its "results" are not "false positives" and "false negatives," they are 100% bogus. Without free speech, we can't let those hypnotized television zombies know that all our major institutions and positions of power are infiltrated with murderous criminals who intend to destroy all vestiges of normal life. Their bosses intend to destroy all life, period. Without free speech to wake the sleeping public, their plans could succeed. Who will lead the charge to rescue free speech from oblivion? Fortunately, many brave leaders have taken on this challenge. One of the great ones is Patrick Wood (www.citizensforfreespeech.org). He is the author of two great books on technocracy which I would recommend highly, Technocracy Rising and Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order.

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