The Best Of 2021| Georgia Marrion | Oestrogen, Progesterone And Its Impact On Histamine, Gut Health And Immune Function


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#237 Georgia is a naturopath and nutritionist with 17 years’ experience who's clinical practice specialises in women’s health, particularly hormone imbalance and fertility and conception issues as well as pregnancy and postpartum support.

She has a Masters in Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med) and Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine) and has also completed post graduate training in Women’s Health with Dr Andrew Orr and is part of The Experts Group specialising in PCOS, Endometriosis and Fertility.

In this episode we cover

  • What are the 4 phases of the female menstrual cycle
  • What are the hormonal changes that occur in each phase
  • How does oestrogen and progesterone affect histamine
  • What are the immunological and microbiome changes that occur in each phase
  • What other gut changes (beyond microbiome) occur
  • What are imbalances/pathologies that can occur with each of these and how do they present in the female clinically
  • How does histamine intolerance / imbalances /MCAS particularly affect females clinically (pre-, peri- and post-menopause)
  • Strategies that clinicians need to consider: immunological (focussed on histamine) imbalances in relation to female health?
  • And so much more

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