#107 - How Emotions are Stored in our Body with Sunayana Clark


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Sunayana Clark of Feelgood Treatments. I am known as the Anxiety Coach with a Spiritual Twist. I help my anxious clients overcome anxiety and live a life of ease and enjoyment.

What I do:

I passionately believe that you do not have to live with anxiety which goes against the prevailing wisdom. I see my job as facilitating a process of discovery, understanding, and empowering my clients with new tools to help them feel happier and enjoy life again.


Sunayana believes that in treating someone who is suffering from either a physical or emotional problem, we need to look at your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spiritual health. And that all sorts of illnesses, anxiety, in particular, is related to a traumatic event that occurred in your life. And it's our inability to process those emotions that then have a knock-on effect on our physicality, can have a knock-on effect on our spiritual beliefs, it can have a knock-on effect to our mental health, which anxiety obviously has an effect on. And she is firmly of the belief that you don't have to live with anxiety, either. Conventional medicine tends to treat the physical symptoms, ignoring the emotional. Whilst the NHS does an amazing job, alternative medicine and therapies are often dismissed Yet by combining them both can be extremely powerful. By treating the person holistically it can bring about deeper and longer-lasting healing.

Sunayana Clark


I started my business in 1999 as a holistic therapist and for the first half of my career, I focused on helping individuals with cancer, digestive problems, hormonal problems, and fertility problems. I also worked with the terminally ill. It was through this work that as I listened to my client's stories that I began to understand that they had experienced a traumatic event. And because they had been unable to process this experience, it had contributed to their illness development. I then noticed that they all had anxiety. So I began to work on helping my clients to process the emotions from their traumatic event and began to see their anxiety disappear completely. I typically see individuals who have seen their GP, had counselling or CBT but feel that they are no further forward and cannot bear to be so unhappy anymore.


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Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life.

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