#118 -Change your negative believes and attract the right person into your life - With Gabrielle Valdes


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Gabby Valdes is a Dating Coach for Singles,

Gabby spent years looking for that special person, but it just wasn’t happening, and she couldn’t understand the reason why. It’s a story many of you recognise, as I do. She decided that something had to change – and much of that was about her mindset. So, listen in to what Gabby did to make those changes and what they were. Because she knows it works – Gabby has been in a happy relationship for the past two years and is planning her wedding!


Gabby Valdes is a dating coach for singles that work on themselves but still feel hopeless about love. They’re afraid they will never find their person or feel good enough for love. I help them understand themselves better and feel confident in who they are so that they can find someone special to enjoy life with.


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Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life.

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