#128 - How Our Fight, Flight, Freeze Response is Triggered - with Dr. Margot Jacquot


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Dr. Margo Jacquot is the award-winning founder and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center, one of the largest counseling and therapy practices across Chicagoland, with 70+ clinicians at 5 locations, plus serving all of Illinois and Indiana with telehealth.


  • How our nervous system results in our body reacting into a Fight, Flight, Freeze response.
  • How our previous events, situations, or traumas can trigger one of those reactions.
  • How we are constantly scanning others, or situations to check whether they are safe or not
  • How each of those responses (Fight, Flight, Freeze) shows up in situations.
  • How those responses show up in our relationships and the effect they have
  • How we can change our negative and knee-jerk reactions and take back our power.

Dr. Margo Jacquot


Dr. Margo Jacquot, PsyD, is the award-winning founder and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center, one of the largest woman-owned counseling and therapy practices across Chicagoland, with over 70 clinicians at 5 locations, plus across Illinois and Indiana with Teletherapy. Margo hosts the podcast, Your Mental Health Business Mentor, helping clinicians find the balance between providing compassionate client care and business agility to grow their mental health practice.

Crain’s Chicago Business 2020 Notable Entrepreneurs and Enterprising Women of the Year Awards are among Dr. Jacquot’s awards and recognition. She was honored as a 2019 Women2Watch from the Women Presidents’ Organization, was the 2017 Stevie Gold Winner for Women in Business, and was among the 2016 Women of Influence honorees by the Chicago Business Journal.

Dr. Jacquot is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Supervisory Addictions Counselor and Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. She is a local and national lecturer on trauma recovery, substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, and working with couples. Dr. Jacquot has taught graduate and post-graduate courses in treating trauma, substance abuse, couples and families and LGBTQ affirming therapies. She is Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a powerful treatment to help people resolve anxiety, panic, depression, phobias, stress, and trauma.

While a traditionally trained psychodynamic therapist, Dr. Jacquot’s style is holistic, interactive and she utilizes a variety of approaches to help people achieve their goals. She listens intently, but does not just sit silently. Dr. Jacquot’s style is interactive as she works with each client individually to achieve the changes they desire. Dr. Jacquot provides clinical consultation to other therapists regarding treating trauma, behavioral issues, couples therapy and sensitivity to LGBTQ issues in therapy, as well as private practice development and management.

Another passion is consultation to businesses and community organizations regarding behavioral health and healthy workplace policies. An active member of several community based organizations, Dr. Jacquot also serves on the board of the Illinois Psychological Association and the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation..



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