#80 - Sara Copley, Checking in with your feelings using Meditation


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Sara Copley a professional mental health and well-being consultant and a certified mindfulness and compassion teacher.


Sara talks about the value of mindful meditation, as well as her mindfulness and compassion course. She feels strongly that compassion is so important to be able to cultivate awareness of the habits and patterns we have formed in our lives. It helps us get in touch with how we are feeling – that inner critic that beats us up for getting things wrong, or not getting all those tasks we set ourselves! Self-care is so important and that’s where compassion comes in.


Sara Copley a professional mental health and well-being consultant and a certified mindfulness and compassion teacher. I’m also a mother, wife, daughter, sister, therapist, coach, teacher and a bit of a nomad!

We created The Daily Meditation Lab to help people to cultivate the lives they want and need. Throughout my 20 years of experience, I have found that building a resilient, compassionate and confident relationship with oneself can be the catalyst to creating a happier, healthier, more authentic and successful life. My online platform offers 1:1 Life-Coaching, Resilience and Confidence workshops, formal 8-week Mindfulness & Compassion courses, Self-Compassion Retreats, Peaceful Parenting courses and several bespoke services.

We are very proud to be one of the only online platforms that offers a daily meditation group to support your well-being both during and after your time with us.

Compassion, kindness and resilience are at the core of everything we do at The Daily Meditation Lab, and sharing my experience, knowledge and passion for mental health, well-being and meditation is both a privilege and an honour.

Sara Copley, MA. IMCPP

  1. Clinical Psychology, U.S.A.
  2. Applied Psychology, U.K.

Certified Mindfulness & Compassion in Professional Practice teacher.

Certified Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance teacher.

Certified NLP Coach Practitioner.




Instagram: saracopley1

Direct number: 0044 7941 551 998

Article written for Thrive Global



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