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Jo is a speaker, trainer and expert in healing families of alcoholics. Jo specialises in helping daughters of alcoholics find peace, as well as training professionals around how to build trust and better relationships with those affected by alcohol misuse”.


Jo Huey


Jo Huey tells her story of growing up in a family with a father who was alcohol dependant and the effects is had on her life, as a child and later as an adult.


Jo Huey is a speaker, trainer, and expert in supporting Families of alcoholics. Jo is also the adult child of an alcoholic. As an expert living with a parent's alcohol misuse, Jo's been interviewed on Sky, BBC, ITV and appears in numerous magazine articles sharing her story, knowledge, and mission. Her mission is to change perceptions about alcohol misuse and how it impacts the drinker, family and society as a whole. Jo does this through her talks and workshops to professionals and working one to one with clients. Many family members suffer in silence, facing many challenges, mainly mental health issues. Jo is there for support and comfort to heal them in their recovery.


Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/johuey_acoa/

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannehuey/

Email - jo@johuey.co.uk www. johuey.co.uk

Phone - +44 7732 403305


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