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David Pope is a private coach, online course creator, and podcaster and is passionate about helping people with their mental health struggles, specialising in depression and anxiety.


In this episode, David shares his story, of how he has struggled with depression and anxiety since he was a child. The effect it’s has had on his life, and the coping mechanisms he has developed to help and support himself and now shares with others. People can be so unkind when they don’t understand how distressing and debilitating mental health issues can be. We really need to break the stigma and be more open-minded and supportive.


At the tender age of six years old, it was obvious that something wasn’t quite right with me. Teachers would repeatedly ask me if “I was alright”, where one particular teacher took me aside and observed that “I looked isolated”.

The truth was, I did feel tremendously isolated and I felt very much an outsider; like I didn’t belong.

Sadly, a painful and challenging journey through life continued thereon, which saw me spiral into crippling depression and anxiety, which I still battle daily.

At the age of 24, out of the blue, I lost both my parents within a year of each other to cancer. Needless to say, it knocked me sideways and catapulted me into many cognitive and emotional struggles over the years

There is never a “right age” to lose your parents, but I certainly wasn’t equipped to deal with this tragedy and so began my tumultuous, deeply challenging path of self-discovery.

As I started to digest and process what had happened to me, it soon became apparent that in order for me to survive this, I would have to find a way of navigating through not only the stages of grief but all the volatile emotions that accompanied my grief.

And so began a deep exploration into bereavement, depression, anxiety, and trauma, where for nearly 30 years(to the point of healthy obsession), I have immersed myself and dedicated myself to find strategies and coping mechanisms that actually work.

And that’s how I found my way into the world of private coaching. It got to the point where all I wanted to do was help others who are suffering, particularly with bereavement, depression, and anxiety.

I have helped countless people with their own personal struggles and have come up with many techniques to deal with depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, anger, stress, chronic illness, divorce/breakup, and better sleep.

I have a deeply empathetic coaching style, where it is my belief that a client needs to be heard and understood, whilst exploring a multitude of successful strategies to facilitate the client’s needs and recovery.


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