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Love Starts Here is all about dating, relationship and life advice for smart, successful women who are ready to finally have the kind of love they want and deserve. We focus on self-confidence, self-worth and self-empowerment because we know that in order to find love with someone else, you have to find it with yourself first. Whether you're single, dating, married or "It's Complicated," this podcast is exactly what you need to take your love and life to the next level. Love and Life Coach Melissa Snow has helped hundreds of women figure out why they keep attracting the wrong types of men over and over and how to make changes that allow them to start attracting the kind of man they really want.If you're tired of feeling frustrated and lonely and sick of wasting time with Mr. Wrong, tune in every Monday for your weekly dose of advice that's guaranteed to help you attract the unconditional, supportive and committed love you really want. Wanna connect with Melissa? Check out

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