I Accidentally Won A Radio Contest


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I think the Universe told me to take a time out or, as my granddaughter once said, "I'm just going to sit in this chair and think about it." She was three and who knows what she needed to sit and think about but for a lot of us...we had a lot to think about during this long, long year of the Pandemic. I could not bring myself to do much podcasting until now. It's time to get back to doing what I love and I love podcasting! But I love a lot of things and another one of them is writing so let me share a story that I call "And The Winner Is". In this episode I mention two amazing people who I've come to adore and admire. You can find out more about their work here:

The Enneagram Workshop - Vanessa Fernandez

Morgan Harper Nichols

You can find both on Instagram and Facebook as well.

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