211: The Jewelry Industry with Pyrrha Jewelry founder Danielle Wilmore


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I’m thrilled to continue an “Under the hood” fashion series, this week looking at jewelry after last week’s denim show. Pyrrah jewelry are one of the few jewelry brands with full transparency and commitment to ethics in the supply chain and for their team who make the pieces so founder Danielle is.

In 1993, Wade and Danielle Papin met, fell in love and began handcrafting jewelry at their kitchen table in Vancouver. Two years later—following myriad conversations about their shared appreciation for good design and old things—they founded Pyrrha with a commitment to letting their materials inspire their work.

The resulting jewelry is Pyrrha's now iconic line of talisman necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and rings made from reclaimed silver, bronze and gold. Each piece is handcrafted in Pyrrha's Vancouver studio—a striking contrast to the glut of overseas, factory-made, mass-produced jewelry that is so common in their industry. "Everything seems to be cranked out at a staggering pace and then left for dead," says Wade. "Because we live in such a throwaway society, it’s necessary—and joyful—to create some things that can be kept."

While Pyrrha remains a local treasure in its native Vancouver, the talismans have captured international attention. The line has been embraced by celebrities and style icons the world over, and retails at such global boutiques as Liberty of London, Le Bon Marche Paris and United Arrows of Japan. In 2010 Wade and Danielle took what felt like their natural next step, opening their extraordinary flagship store in L.A. The Pyrrha store allows fans to experience the Pyrrha world, as well as to see the extensive talisman collection in its entirety.

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