212: Jane Milburn: Reducing planet impact from your closet


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Sometimes I have a guest on the show that makes me feel like I’ve had an hour-long hug and a cup of tea and all is just going to be fine in this topsy turvy world. Jane Milburn is such a guest. Author of Slow Clothing: Finding Meaning in What we wear. Her forever strategy is to use what you have to do what you can to ensure a resilient future. In today’s show I inched forward a few extra steps in my readiness to get more creative with turning old clothes into something new, although my husband is the one who’s handy with a sewing machine in our house. If you care about slow fashion, love repurposing things or perhaps feel a little lost as to how to get going doing better in this area, this show is very much for you. Enjoy and head over to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further details on xxx at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

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