226. The Psychology of Grief with psychologist, Amanda Gordon


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I’m going to make a bold claim: That every human needs to listen to this show today. I burst into tears. Big time. From thinking about loss close people to me had experienced in their lives, to then thinking about the whole community and the collective grief out there to then having a personal button pushed - grief I didn’t even know I was still moving through, probably because I never fully came to terms with the loss, such is the strange situation of growing up thousands of miles away from your family.

Grief is something all of us will move through and all of us will wonder if we’re doing our best to support someone moving through it. So today, I have the wonderful clinical psychologist, Amanda Gordon on the show to help us understand our own grief when moving through it, as well as to live with that grief and tune into the ways to be a great support to someone grieving in our lives. I know this show will produce tears and pain and sorrow. It did for me. Lean into it. Reach out to someone today. Powerful, important stuff. And of course, as always, head over to the show notes for more details, our supporter offer and to join the Low Tox Club.

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