257. Rebecca Poole on The Significance of Sensitivity


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It’s time to talk about relationships - with ourselves, with others, as parents, as lovers. We’re going everywhere today in what feels like a very useful toe-dip into the subject that is sure to have a part two. Rebecca Poole has decades of experience looking after humans and helping them feel well but after a masters in Chinese Medicine and practicing overseas in China, and several successful years of practice back home, she wanted to go deeper. “Why do people experience these illnesses chronically? Why sometimes when someone changes jobs or relationships does their health nosedive or dramatically improve?” Today, she is a healer bringing all her tools to her clients through private practice and group learning and so if you’ve ever wanted to start doing the important work of leaning into your relationship with yourself and others, I can confidently say this show is a must listen. Read more and discover this month’s sponsor offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

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