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Let’s face it: You’re tired of the same old political podcasts. Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican—it doesn’t matter. There’s a million out there, and you already know what everyone’s going to say even before the episode starts. Until now.Luna Talks with Anna Paulina is a new weekly podcast that promises to offer listeners a fresh face and fearless insight on the most important issues affecting our country and the broader world. This is an all-inclusive conservative show unafraid to challenge not only political orthodoxy but also the listeners themselves to form their own opinions.Not a conservative? All the more reason to tune in! Anna is a unique voice with a remarkable life story. She might just convince you to rethink a thing or two. And if not, you’ll learn something new each week—and get inspired along the way.A proud Hispanic-American of Mexican descent, Anna was raised by a single mother in southern California and first hand experienced the welfare system. Surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty, she overcame adversity, joining the United States Air Force as a teenager. Anna served six years in the military (five on active duty), earning the Air Force Achievement Medal and, of course, meeting her husband, Andy, an Air Force Combat Controller. Since leaving the armed forces, Anna has been engaged in conservative advocacy and all kinds of philanthropic work. In 2020, she ran for Congress and won the Republican primary in Florida's 13th Congressional District before losing a close race in the general election to Charlie Crist. But don't be surprised if you see Anna return to the political arena soon enough.Anna’s story is truly amazing—a real example of the Hispanic-American dream. On her podcast, she will speak about many topics from personal experience, serving as the voice for the millions of Hispanic conservatives across the country who feel they lack one amid the cultural assault of identity politics. But she will also bring on special guests and use her platform to provide can’t-miss reporting, commentary, and analysis to her listeners..This will not be your normal podcast. Tune in now before you feel silly as the only one of your friends who hasn’t! Come join Anna and be part of a growing movement of free thinkers who put up their middle fingers to cancel culture.

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