Top 5 Metrics For Your Law Firm


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Next up, as Gyi and Conrad predicted, venture capital is making waves in legal. Most recent headlines covered a $100 million infusion for Scorpion, followed soon after by word that Clio raised $110 million.

What does the investment mean for firms and matter management? Gyi and Conrad discuss.

Speaking of Clio. In the “Clio Legal Trends Report Minute,” Gyi and Conrad explain why some lawyers fared better than others during the pandemic. Hint: Choices of technology for payments, portals, and intake are client-focused.

Metrics can be confusing. So Gyi and Conrad ID the metrics they think law firms should care about most. Each shares five metrics that get to the heart of client acquisition. Properly implemented, they explain how these measures improve everything from client intake (just answer the phone) to a client’s lifetime value. And just in case you’re looking for more acronyms, Gyi and Conrad will set you up with UCR, LTV, and IQLMC.

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