Giovanni Marks starring in "Old School R&B Dudes and The Elevator of Death"


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If I really think about it, Giovanni Marks (neé Subtitle) was the first person I saw use the term "lurk mode" so I probably owe him $5 for that. But technically I was into lurking way before we ever met. I got obsessed with the idea at a young age after reading a Life In Hell comic about the different types of people you encounter at a bar: "The Lurker" was described as someone who sips their drink, looks around creepily, and repeats. As an adult, I realized that was me. I invented a dance called "The Lurk" and even screenprinted shirts about it. Shout out to my sister for introducing me to Life In Hell, which used to run in LA Weekly. This episode is very LA-centric so that brings us full circle.
Gino and I met through the amazing artist Augustine Kofie but that is another story for another podcast. Shout out MySpace for making it happen. We've been tight since 2008. The first time we met in person was in Saint-Étienne, France which is also another story. We got lots of stories. (Amazingly, I don't think we say the word "crev" one time in this interview which I realize will disappoint many of you.)
This ep is cool because it's a real glimpse into the mind of a very interesting dude and it's also an exposure to various music he has made over the years. We really only scratch the surface of who he is and the things him and I have done together, but that's all you need for now since he will no doubt be back on the show. If you want to read the Tissue Magazine interview we reference you can bust that here and this PopMatters article from early 2020 also goes deep into his musical history. I already know all that shit so I'd rather talk to Gino about cryptocurrency and sketchy R&B singers. Be sure to check out his latest record and pursue him on all the socials.
Music in this episode:
"Clothes Make The Man" - Subtitle
"undeer" - Subtitle
"re-gentrification" - Giovanni Marks
"Cry For You" - Jodeci
"What's The 411?" - Mary J. B-lige feat. Grand Puba
"One Wish" - Ray J
"ATTIC STATIC" - Giovanni Marks feat. Megabusive
"Elevators (Instrumental)" - Outkast
"Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles
"I walk around city" - Giovanni Marks feat. Hemlock Ernst
"LIME-LITE" - Giovanni Marks
Theme Song by Cheers For Fears (Boy In Sleep and Kent Hernandez)
Artwork by Chris Musina

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