Interview and 90s Rap Trivia with Eric Steuer


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Eric Steuer is who I strive to be. A lifetime hip hop artist, podcast host, writer, husband & father, beekeeper, race car driver, cyclops, and all around cool dude*.
I knew him back in the Meanest Man Contest days but his rap career has never dwindled - from Not the 1s to Dos Feeliz my dude has stayed active. But besides just hip hop we have a lot of mutual interests from the OG Beverly Hills, 90210 to being Rappers Who Run™.
It's these commonalities that influenced my decision to have him as my first official guest on Lurk Mode. In the first half of this ep we cover his collaboration with RiFF RAFF, interviewing Michael Shannon, the stoned af drops I recorded for a podcast he did in 2009, and my 90210 fan fiction. Then we go deeper than Deep Blue Sea on some 90s Rap trivia. Like, y'all - I went OFF on this shit. It is a frfr longform quizzy ass quiz. So get ready to flex your knowledge or just soak up some game to impress people next time you're at a party and your girlfriend asks you in front of everyone what your favorite Lord Finesse line is.
Normally I like to list all the songs I use in podcasts (not just because I feel like I will be less likely to get shut down if I give credit) but I'm worried that it would spoil the trivia, so I'm just going to link up the tracks related to Eric that we use. Feel free to hit me up if you want to know more about any of the music featured in the quiz.
"Broke Down Adhesives" Dos Feeliz feat. Open Mike Eagle
Be sure to check out our boy Debmaster's collab with MC Yallah, it's amazing! Shout out Lil Debbie 😍
*some of these are embellishments
Theme Song by Cheers For Fears (Boy In Sleep and Kent Hernandez)
Artwork by Chris Musina

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