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Whitney Dane is a personal chef based in a rural town outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a good friend of mine. Though she was born in Manteo, part of our beautiful Outer Banks (like the TV show, only real), she found herself living in South Pasadena, California at young age where she became best friends with an actress by the name of Nicholle Tom. (You may know her from such films as Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd and shows like The Nanny but I prefer to think of her as the the invigorating but troubled Sue Scanlon on the OG Beverly Hills, 90210.)
As you can imagine, shit got crazy as the bffs grew up and tore through Tinseltown. When Nicholle decides to buy her first house, a chance meeting with a sketchy female contractor results in a gutted house for Nicholle and (supposedly) nothing but good times for Whitney. The whole experience would prove to be traumatic for Nicholle and end with lost money, a damaged friendship, and a possible arrest. In May of 2017, Nicholle went on the podcast Worst Ever Podcast and told her version of the events. But as with all stories, there is more than one side. And mayyyyyyybe, just maybe, some of Nicholle's details were off. Or were they? Whitney seems to think so. So I said IT WAS TIME TO CLAP BACK. Right here on Lurk Mode. (Editor's Note: on the show I refer to the podcast as Worst Podcast Ever which is totally wrong and totally changes the vibe and for that I am truly sorry. Bad journalism on my part, I am not allowed to play video games for 2 weeks.)
Whitney and I talk about the good ol' days and then we break this crazy ass journey on down. Over the course of the episode I realize that Whitney is more than just a Z-list celebrity: she's at least W-list. Maybe V-list? Anyway, she got some stories. So many I had to edit most of them out but at least you'll get to hear her talk about referencing "cum gum" with one of the Mowry twins. Cum gum? Oh shit ... Freshen Up! You got to be of a certain age to remember that shit.
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