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It's finally here. My "Chinese Democracy". My "Detox". My "The Queen's Gambit".
What can I say? Like many a podcast with a twitchy host, this podcast is a gateway into my mind and the things that I like. Rap. Shoes. Television. I don't want to spend forever talking about it because hopefully we'll be growing together. I will say that if you have fucked with any of my projects over the years, from music to podcasts and everything in between, you will probably enjoy the ride. If you have no idea who I am and could care less, hopefully you will be drawn in by the strength of my guests.
I don't want to act like this podcast will be about any one thing or will even follow some kind of format. But for now, if you're a #hiphophead, wannabe #hypebeast, #filmdork, or just like sipping your drink in the corner and staring at fools, this podcast is for you. I'll be interviewing people from the music and film industries and the (f)art world and and doing my own hot takes on pop culture ... like Das EFX without all the "iggedy"s. No topic is off the table, but expect more conversations about "The Bachelorette" than politics or office jobs. (Or "The Office" for that matter. Never seen a single episode. Don't @ me.)
Our first proper show with hip hop artist and podcast host Eric Steuer will be dropping shortly. Peep his LinkedIn page, shit is off the fuggin hook bruh!!
Theme Song by Cheers For Fears (Boy In Sleep and Kent Hernandez)
Artwork by Chris Musina
In order to not get sued (I probably will anyway) and because I love all the music I use in these podcasts, here is every jam I sampled in order of appearance:
"L A S M" - Black Sheep
"Risin' To The Top" - Keni Burke
"Take It Personal" - Gang Starr
"Shoes" - Kelly
"Beverly Hills, 90210 Theme" - John E. Davis
"Make It Clap" - Busta Rhymes & Sean Paul
"Pull Up" - Mulatto
"Broke Down Adhesives" - Dos Feeliz
"and you won't be alone" - Giovanni Marks

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