"The injustice of your world is the example of God’s mercy" (Trinity 9) - August 1, 2021


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For this work of Jesus, your heavenly Father commends him for His wisdom, shrewdness. By unjustly dying, rising, and giving the wealth of the Father to those who do not deserve forgiveness, He has won for the Father friends, you, to dwell with Him in the eternal tabernacles. Indeed, while from your perspective you owe your God a great debt, but from His perspective He has forgiven them all completely and fully. And His forgiveness is far greater than the opposite of the unjust steward. He has not forgiven only 20 percent or 50 percent of our debts to Him. But by in utter worldly wastefulness (or Godly forgiveness), He has removed the entire wage for your sin. Balance owed? Zero. Merit needed? Nothing. Worthiness to work on? Zip.

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