"The Least of the Brethren" Trinity 26 2021


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November 14, 2021

Jesus died for all but not all would receive Him. How does He know the difference? Their unbelief is manifest in the way they treat the brethren He sends. Quite concretely Jesus is catechizing you His church to be especially attentive to the care of those given to preach, teach, and administer His Word and gifts to you.

This is not another abstract “love your neighbor” sermon. These “brothers” are those messengers/apostles given to preach to them the Word and deliver the gifts of Jesus. Thus, those who treat the disciples whom Jesus sends with contempt will receive the condemnation He promised previously. He had already said that those who fail to receive and care for His sent ones “apostles” who have a more severe judgment than Sodom and Gomorrah (c.f. Matthew 10).

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