01-03-2022 Servicing Compliance


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In our Hot Topic this week we have Shayna Arrington, Chief Compliance Officer at The Money Source Inc on the program to discuss some of the hot topics that TMS is hearing about as it relates to mortgage services that we are facing, especially as we look into 2022. Keep in mind that the regulatory environment around COVID relief is still changing rapidly, especially at the state and the local level, meaning that there are still state legislatures and executives out there. And local governments that are putting out new guidance. What seems like daily, especially if you do business as they do in all 50 states and they are trying to keep up. And so they are constantly monitoring what's going on at the state and local level to make sure that they are staying on top of things like foreclosure protection, housing assistance fund programs, as those go live in all 50 states, and any other relief measures around COVID that are continuing to evolve. So you will want to tune in to make sure you are all up to date with all the compliance rules!! Click here to get more info on this episode!!

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