Jeffrey Petersen And John Schreiner: Earnouts In M&A Transactions – Ep. 061


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Earnouts are an important part of M&A transactions, with about 20% of all deals involving some form of it in normal circumstances. With COVID-19 at our heels, that percentage is going up as buyers take extra precaution, given the uncertain economic environment we now find ourselves in. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, it’s important to learn how earnouts work, protect yourself, and strike win-win deals based on mutual trust and understanding. Domenic Rinaldi takes a peek at this timely topic as he sits down with deal attorneys, Jeffrey Petersen of The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Petersen and John Schreiner of Perkins Coie. With Jeffrey taking the seller’s side and John playing the buyer’s counsel, they trade ideas on how sellers and buyers can make the best deals given their specific circumstances. It’s all you need to know about earnouts in one episode! Be sure not to miss out on it!

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