2020 Movies & TV: The CineMAC & GUvie Awards (286)


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It’s the second annual CineMAC & GUvie Awards - celebrating the best & worst of 2020 movies & television!
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The “Trailure Failure” Award
Teaser Pleaser
The Pirate Award
The I’ll Get Around to It Award
The Pantsless Award
The “Don’t Go in There After Them” Award
The “Fire It Into The Sun” Award
The “That Was This Year?!” Award
Do You Know Where You Are Award?
To the MAX Award
The “Take a Knee” Award
The Karl Malone/Mailman Award
The Mr. Magoo Award
Davey Eyeball Award
Like a Bossy Award
The Mac’s Rack Award
The Mac’s Crack Award
The “Stop, It’s Already Dead!” Award
The Darth Vader Award
The Hero of the Year-o Award
The Dr. Manhattan Award
The Tori Black Award
Morty Mind Blower
The Ego Award
Comeback Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year
40 Dogger
The “We’ll Be Back” Award
But wait, there’s more! Award

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