Podcast July 2020: deep in the bleep space


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For this month another mix deep in the bleeposphere for you space explorers out there.

  1. 00:00-06:02 IKOYCE – weather-worn [Naviar Haiku] CC BY-NC-SA
  2. 04:52-08:29 BUS ERROR – roger houston (challenger mix) CC BY-ND
  3. 07:48-11:36 ASTRAL ENGENEERING – l’autonomne CC BY-NC-SA
  4. 10:58-14:06 R S V – double-slit experiment [enough records enrmp433] CC BY-NC-SA
  5. 13:48-19:17 DTIME – it started with a spark CC BY-NC-ND
  6. 18:49-21:53 CHAD CROUCH – elipsis CC BY-NC
  7. 21:30-28:00 POINT – boom [DigitalDiamonds069L] CC BY-NC-ND
  8. 27:08-33:59 LUTZ THUNS – on the other side CC BY-NC-SA
  9. 33:31-40:03 AGNOSTURA ELWAR – wind gives birth to waves [Naviar Haiku] CC BY-NC-SA
  10. 38:51-46:50 LLLX – fogdeska CC BY-NC-SA
  11. 46:28-50:04 MARCO LUCCHI-yûsuzumi CC BY-NC-ND
  12. 49:22-53:48 MINUTE OF ARC-20171025-B2m CC BY-NC-ND
  13. 53:33-58:48 TVZF-homecoming [Ledokol Records LED43] CC BY-NC-SA

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