Book 2, Chapter 19 - A Gay Old Time / Psyche


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Greetings, fans of the esoteric! On Thursdays, Magenta reads from her second book, Madame Magenta and the Arcati Killer.

Madame Magenta and the Arcati Killer is a detective novel told from the point of view of its eponymous heroine, a woman of flexible morality, an array of tasteful turbans, and an unfortunate case of genuine mystical powers.

As it happens, Magenta's damnable abilities play little part in her day-to-day business as a psychic and medium for the North London area. Genuine esoteric insight would be more than her clients could handle, so generally-speaking she sticks to platitudes and incense to earn a living. Much to her irritation, this doesn't stop ghosts, angels and every loudmouth in the animal kingdom from interfering in her personal business.

As if this wasn't troublesome enough, someone's going around bumping off London-based PSYCOWs (Psychics, Occultists, Wytches), and a dog named Bobo has just told her who's doing it. Magenta has little option but to pass the information onto her contact in the police force, Detective Inspector Eldris, before embarking on a little sleuthing of her own. In the process, she must reassure her husband Bernard that she's not having an affair with Eldris, babysit a ghost called Gaynor, and avoid the clutches of an old enemy who has recently been released from a terrorist detention centre.

Will she live to tell the tale?! Yes. Yes, of course she will. Wouldn't be much of a comedy if she snuffed it.

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