DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team “Whoomp!” (There It Is) In Madame Perry's Salon


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Abolutely thrilled to have DC The Brain Supreme aka DC Glenn, half of the 90s hip hop duo Tag Team which made the super hit song Whoomp!" (There It Is,) visit Madame Perry's Salon. Though a popular and successful expert in the music industry, acting, and voice over, DC is well versed in SEO, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Fashion Photography and Motivational Speaking. DC is featured in the #1 commercial in the country: Geico’s "SCOOP THERE IT IS" - the commercial nobody skips or leaves to get a sandwich! Expect to hear him share great stories, experiences and poignant advice for all to grow from. Do not pass him up. DC is flexible and can relate to any audience to provide value on topics like: The euphoria of having one of the biggest records in recorded music.The tragedy of not being prepared and signing a terrible contract. The tenacity it takes to fight your way back to success.Never quitting and realizing all your dreams Co-hosting will be BFF Supreme Kinia Colbert! We will be taking calls at 646-716-9922.

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