International Sex Workers' Day (aka International Whores' Day)


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Women belonging to one of the most marginalized and stigmatized categories of society, sex worker, dared to unite against police repression and question the government with a publicly presented list of grievances and demands. On June 2 1975, sex workers occupied the church of Saint Nazier in Lyon, France to protest against harassment by the police, hefty fines, and inhumane working conditions. 46 years later, sex workers are still fighting for their rights worldwide. Listeners who enjoy this episode are encouraged to make a contribution to . The Sex Workers Project provides client-centered legal and social services to individuals who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion. Their attorneys help clients remain in stable housing, access safer working conditions and employment options, protect their legal rights in family court, clear their criminal records, secure legal immigration status, and fight police misconduct and hate crimes. Their social workers provide long term supportive therapy and case management, creating best practices for an emerging field. If you like this podcast, please share us with your friends. Don’t forget to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. Connor wants to hit 100. We also have an Amazon wishlist! If you’d like us to cover a topic, you can send us a book. Check our MHG Podcast wish list on amazon. Any condition of book is appreciated, used or new.

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