Online Dating - The Etiquette of Flirting, Ghosting, and Dick Pics


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The COVID-19 pandemic created a massive upheaval in our lives, and many people are still dealing with its effects. For single people, lockdowns and safety guidelines totally changed the way we date and pursue romantic relationships. While dating was not altogether put on hold, COVID restrictions meant an increased reliance on online dating and alternative methods of getting to know someone new.

In this episode, we are joined by two special guests, Jessica Smith is a professional dating coach that has supported her clients from professional athletes, film producers and executives to divorced single moms. Supporting them and guiding them as they make powerful transformations. Over the years, she has gained notoriety as the “Female Hitch.”

We are also joined by our personal friend Brent, a single man in his early 40’s who has experience in the dating world, but hasn't yet met the right person. Is there hope for him? The team looks at his dating profile to see if there is room for improvement.

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