Operation Midnight Climax - Sex & Drugs Courtesy of the CIA


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Buried beneath divisions and sub-groups in the CIA, MKUltra . Today we are joined by friend to the podcast Ditty as we discuss
Operation Climax was a sub project of MK-Ultra. A top secret program that sanctioned the use of psycho active drugs on American citizens.

It began as early as 1950, but wasn’t official until 1953, using shady psychiatrist, prisons and mental institutions to perform these studies. They were motivated to combat the Soviet “truth serum” and its purpose was to develop techniques and drugs for mind control.

The CIA set up several brothels within agency safe houses in San Francisco to obtain a selection of men who would be too embarrassed to talk about the events. The men were doused with LSD and prostitutes were instructed in the use of post-coital questioning to investigate whether its unknowing “test subjects” could be convinced to reveal secrets while being watched by agents behind one way glass.

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