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I first heard CVFM on another podcast and after reaching out to a friend I was able to get a hold of some of their music and was absolutely blown away by it, the arrangements, the technique, the fifing and drumming is just top class!

During our conversation I felt like I had know the members of CVFM all my life, it was great fun, there was a lot of laughs and some great conversation and its a privilege to be able to share that with you all today.

Please make sure you check the band out on their website:

A lot of the members have played with Middlesex County Volunteers and are top class musicians, the track at the end of the podcast is well worth the wait to listen to, and I know some bands are going to be adding this and other tunes to their repertoire in the not too distant future!

Our next episode will not be released until 13th July due to the fact that many of us will be taking part in the annual Battle of the Boyne Celebrations on the 12th July, so you can relax on the 13th with the Made to Parade podcast as we bring you a conversation with the Cowan Memorial Flute Band.

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