Gareth Mulvenna - Tartan Gangs


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You will remember Gareth from season 2 when we interviewed Billy Hutchinson and him about their book My Life in Loyalism - Gareth and Billy both mentioned a lot about the tartan gangs in that episode and having read Gareths book I thought it would be interesting to share that with the Made to Parade listeners.

Gareth delves into the origins and motivations of the Tartan gangs and how the dovetailed withe loyalist paramilitary development during the late 60's and early 70's during the troubles.

Another insight into the history connected to our community and militancy of the 70's that saw the development of the blood and thunder genre of marching bands.

Thanks again to Gareth for taking the time to talk to us on Made to Parade, and for being avid supporter and promoter of the podcast and my book as well.

Thank to Mo Brown for his co-hosting and support this season and of course Stu Warmington and the team at British Drum Co for their ongoing financial support.n

We will be back towards the end of September with Season 5 and hopefully video versions of the podcast as well. We have some great guests lined up and I really looking forward to sharing the conversations with you.

So until next season, stay safe, look after yourselves and take it easy.


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