Graham Kernohan (Cambridge Crown Defenders, Canada)


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Welcome to episode 6 and we have another great episode lined up for you today and one I have been looking forward to for quite some time, as we are featuring a band from my home country, Canada.

Graham Kernohan is a member of Cambridge Crown Defenders in Ontario and has a long family connection to bands here in Ulster. His Father was an accordion player and actively encouraged the family to be be part of the scene.

Graham always was a part of band here in Northern Ireland for a while before returning to Canada and joining CCD FB.

It was great to chat with Graham and hear his story and the passion he has for bands, you can tell it means so much to him.

i would encourage any bands thinking about going international to consider supporting the bands and brethren in Canada. Outside of Northern Ireland they have the longest running Boyne Celebration parade, some 200 years! All being well, I will definitely be there in 2022.

Join us next week for a band a wee bit closer to home, Glasgow's own, Govan Protestant Boys, another great episode for you all to enjoy.

If you have any ideas for who you would like to see on the podcast for season 5 then please get in touch and let me know.

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Catch you all on the next episode.


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